NMNS 2020 Scientific Program
First Day: 25 January 2020

Registration & Reception 7:00- 8:00
Opening ceremony


Quran recitation 8:00-8:05
National anthem 8:05-8:10
Welcome speech Dr. Rezayat 8:10-8:25
Keynote talks Dr. Sarkar 8:25-8:40
Dr. Ahmadian 8:40-8:55
Dr. Biglari 8:55-9:10
Dr. Ghanbari 9:10-9:30
Coffee break & poster session 1
Plenary session


Chair: Dr. Beitollahi, Dr. Amani, Dr. Tabatabaei, Dr. Kharrazi
Speaker Title Time
Dr. Beitollahi

(Iran University of Science and Technology)

standardization & nanosafety 10:15-10:30
Dr. Kharrazi

( Tehran University of Medical Sciences)

Synchrotron Radiation Based FTIR Microspectroscopy: A Valuable Tool to Investigate Nanoparticle-Cell Interaction 10:30-10:45
Dr. Khoei

(Iran University of Medical Sciences)

Triblock Copolymer Magnetic Nanoparticles in Thermochemotherapy of Rat Glioblastoma Model 10:45-11:00
Dr. Rashid Nezhad

(Massey University, New Zealand)

Flavonoid-protein nanoparticles and their application in functional foods 11:00-11:15
Dr. Madani

(National Health Service, Oxford, UK)

Application of quantum dots conjugated carbon nanotubes for medical diagnosis and treatment 11:15- 11:30
Prof. Rovshan Khalilov

(Joint Ukraine-Azerbaijan International Research and Education Center)

Introducing Joint Ukraine-Azerbaijan International Nanobiotechnology Center 11:30-11:45
Dr. Taras Kavetskyy

(Joint Ukraine-Azerbaijan International Research and Education Center)

Advanced amperometric enzyme biosensors based on novel polymer matrixes for monitoring a pollution of water resources 11:45-12:00
Launch & prayers 12:05- 13:15
Chair: Dr. Hormozi Nejad, Dr. Mehravi, Dr. Sasanpour, Dr. Rahimniya



Speaker Title Time
Dr. Fakhar-e-Alam

(Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan)

Investigation of Biosynthetic Copper Oxide Nanoparticles in HepG2 Cell line 13:15- 13:30
Dr. Hormozi Nejad

(Sharif University of Technology)

Nature Inspired Nanostructured Optical Sensor Array for Biomolecular Detection 13:30- 13:45
Dr. Mehravi

(Iran University of Medical Sciences)

Natural polymeric nanoparticles as a non-invasive probe for stem cell tracking by MRI 13:45- 14:00
Dr. Azimzadeh

(Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences)

Electrochemical nanobiosensors in miRNA detection; Comparison of different nanomaterials combinations 14:00- 14:15
Dr. Nadri

(Zanjan University of Medical Sciences)

Microfluidic systems for Differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into insulin- producing cells 14:15- 14:30
Ms. Safari

(Tehran university of medical sciences)

Microfluidic synthesis of all-trans retinoic acid encapsulated polymeric nanomicelles for breast cancer stem cell 14:30-14:45
Coffee break & poster session 2 14:45- 15:30



Chair: Dr. Sabzevari, Dr. Amanlou, Dr. Pour Ahmad, Dr. Ghahremani
Speaker Title Time
Dr. Pour Ahmad

(Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences)

Nickel oxide nanoparticles exert selective toxicity on skin mitochondria and lysosomes isolated from the mouse model of melanoma 15:30-15:45
Dr.Farzaneh Kaloorazi

(Hamadan university of Medical Science)

Evaluation of the hepatoprotective effects of N-acetylcystein loaded niosomes on oxidative stress biomarkers against paraquat-induced liver injury in rats 15:50-16:00
Dr. Ghaemi

(Tehran university of medical sciences)

Ag@ZnO Nanocomposite Conquers Resistant Cutaneous Fungal Infections Through Increased ROS generation: Efficient Therapeutic Approach for Onychomycosis 16:05-16:15
Dr. Ashtarinezhad

(Iran University of Medical Sciences)

Investigating the relationship between occupational exposure to nanomaterials and symptoms of nanotechnology companies’ employees 16:20-16:30
Dr. Hajibabaei

(Zanjan University of Medical Sciences)

EPA Media impregnated by doped-metal organic frameworks (MOFS) as Air Filters for Control of Bioaerosols 16:35- 16:45
Dr. Arabi

(Shahrekord University)

Nano-alumina-induced oxidative stress and liver necrosis biomarkers in pigeon (Columba livia) 16:50- 17:00


Second day: 26 January 2020

Registration & Reception 7:00- 8:00
Chair: Dr. Koohi, Dr. Rostamnia, Dr. Ranjbar,  Dr. Golbabaei



Speaker Title Time
Dr. Rostamnia

(University of Maragheh)

Tungsten (VI) oxide decorated g-C3N4 as green and stable catalysts for oxidation of cyclohexanol to adipic acid 8:00-8:15
Dr. Koohi

University of Tehran)

standardization & nanomedicine in Iran veterinary organization 8:20-8:35
Dr. Zahedipour

(Mashhad University of Medical Sciences)

Synergistic Cytotoxic Effects of Arsenic Trioxide nanoparticles and Silymarin in 4T1 Breast Cancer Cell Line 8:40-8:50
Dr. Mirzajani

(Shahid Beheshti University)

Molecular Interaction and Toxicity of

Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticle

8:55- 9:05
Dr. Menhaje Bena

(University of ‎Tehran)

Simulations of inhalation absorption of mineral airborne particles in the south –west of Tehran 9:05- 9:15
Dr. Haase

(German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Germany)

Safety Assessment of  Nanomaterials: Lessons learnt and Emerging Topics 9:15- 9:30
Coffee break & poster session 1 9:30- 10:15
Chair: Dr. Davaran, Dr. Tamaddon, Dr. Eftekhari, Dr. Khosravani



Speaker Title Time
Dr. Eftekhari

(Maragheh University of Medical Sciences)

Nano-antioxidants: promising tools in contracting pesticide toxicity 10:15-10:30
Dr. Tamaddon

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences)

Hierarchical aromatic peptide hydrogels incorporating nitric oxide donors for cell therapy in acute renal ischemia 10:30-10:45
Dr. Amani

(Tehran University of Medical Sciences)

Nanoemulsion of tea tree oil containing adapalene for treatment of acne vulgaris: preparation, safety evaluation and clinical trial 10:45-11:00
Dr. Motakef Kazemi

( Islamic Azad University)

Preparation of nanostructures by thermal decomposition of metal organic framework for nanobiotechnology applications 11:00- 11:10

(Tehran University of Medical Sciences)

Liposome based Nanocarriers in Dermal Delivery 11:15- 11:25
Dr. Vakili Ghartavol

(Tehran University of Medical Sciences)

Novel Methods for Docetaxel Encapsulation into the the hydrophilic Compartment of Nanoliposomes: proposing potential products for metastatic breast carcinoma chemotherapy 11:30- 11:40
Mr. Haghi

(Shahroud University of Medical Sciences)

Investigation of the effectiveness of dual therapy by statin loaded mesoporous magnetic nanoparticles for atherosclerosis plaque at in-vitro study 11:45- 12:00
Launch & prayers 12:00- 13:15
Chair: Dr. Jafaari, Dr. Rezayat, Dr. Faridi, Mr. Seifi
Commercialization panel



( Mashhad University of Medical Sciences)

Development of a Topical Nanoliposomal Formulation of Amphotericin B (SinaAmpholeish) for the Treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniosis: Preclinical and Human Clinical Results 13:15-13:30
Mr. Seifi


Market analysis report of nanomedicines 13:30- 13:45
Discussion panel:Dr. Jafaari, Dr. Rezayat, Dr. Faridi, Mr. Seifi 13:45- 14:45
Coffee break & poster session 2 14:45- 15:30
Chair: Dr. Faridi, Dr. Ghanbari, Dr. Najimi, Ms. Nouri
Technology transfer session (15:30-17:00) Ms. Nouri


Market analysis report of nanocosmetics 15:30- 15:45
Dr. Najimi


Commercialization of Nano-Products 15:45- 16:00
Dr. Faridi

(Tehran University of Medical Sciences)

Nanotechnology in rapid tests 16:00- 16:15
Discussion panel: Dr. Ghanbari, Dr. Faridi, Dr. Najimi, Ms. Nouri 16:15- 17:00
Closing ceremony


Quran recitation 17:00- 17:05
National Anthem 17:05- 17:10
Closing Remarks Dr. Sohrabpour 17:10- 17:30
Dr. Ghazi- Khansari 17:30- 17:40
Award presentation 17:40- 18:00