First Day, Poster Program
Abstract ID Presenter Topic Title
193 Abbas Abdollahi Nanobiotechnology and Nanobiosystems Antibacterial potential of zataria multiflora essential oils in micro- and nano-formulated forms
178 Marjan Kazemi Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems Nanoliposome formulation for encapsulating vp1 recombinant protein as a foot and mouth disease model vaccine
495 Elham Zendedel Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems Silver nanoparticles for the treatment of influenza h1n1
271 Sara Javadi Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems Cumin essential oil nanoemulsion preparation and characterization
396 Mahsa Jafarian Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems Immobilization and biochemical characterization of candida rugosa lipase on herbal based gold nanoparticles
412 Fatemeh Mohammadi Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems A comparative study on antibacterial activity of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and iron ions in different growth conditions
493 Alireza Rowhanimanesh Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems A novel nanobiosystem for targeted therapy using a network of interacting genetic toggle switches
676 Maryam Bagheri Mohammad Gholi Pour Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems Biosynthesis of zno nanoparticles doped with manganese
592 Fateme Karimi Hafshejani Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems Investigations on antioxidant effect of curcumin-au nanoparticles on sk-n-sh cells: synchrotron radiation based ir microspectroscopy
596 Alireza Rowhanimanesh Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems Systems nanomedicine: a systems biology approach for computational modeling, robust analysis, and intelligent control in nanomedicine
620 Nassim Shavisi Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems Current applications of nanotechnology in the food industry
684 Behrad Tanbakuchi Nanaotechnology in biomedical devices Comparative assessment of the orthodontic wires friction coated with zinc oxide nanoparticles by the two methods of chemical precipitation and hydrothermal
115 Mahmoud Osanloo Cancer Nanotechnology The effect of nano-formulating on anticancer activity of zataria multiflora essential oil against human breast cancer cell lines
200 Niloufar Abedinpour Cancer Nanotechnology Effect of nanoformulating of mentha piperita (peppermint) essential oil on its cytotoxicity against some human breast cancer cell lines
188 Nasim Jamshidi Cancer Nanotechnology Multifunctional fe3o4 nanoparticles for cancer imaging, therapy and theranostics applications
215 Mohammadhassan Gholami-Shabani Cancer Nanotechnology Mycosynthesis of gold nanoparticles and their potential in anticancer drug delivery
262 Mostafa Jamalan Cancer Nanotechnology A comparative study on toxicity of gold and silver nanoparticles against four different malignant cells
233 Saleh Salehi Zahabi Cancer Nanotechnology Chitosan nanoparticle labeled radioisotopes: new agent in cancer detection
304 Behnaz Babaye Abdollahi Cancer Nanotechnology The effect of peg-coated fe3o4@au nanoparticles in megavoltage breast cancer radiation therapy
410 Fatemeh Mohammadi Cancer Nanotechnology Spherical nucleic acids: as potential platforms for therapeutic applications
435 Jafar Majidi Cancer Nanotechnology Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for cancer therapy in tissue engineered cunstructs
432 Haider H Al-Shreefy Cancer Nanotechnology Novel synthesis and anticancer activity of surface active stabilized selenium nanoparticles encapsulated into nano plga polymer
457 Behnaz Ghaemi Cancer Nanotechnology Unprecedented golgi fragmentation by ag@zno nps inducing cell cycle arrest, autophagy and apoptosis in remanent melanoma cancer cells
561 Marzie Nasiri Cancer Nanotechnology Comparative safty evaluation of the gd-dtpa and 5-aminolevulinic acid in high grade glioma extent determination using magnetic resonance imaging in a c6 tumor model
747 Amir Hasanzadeh Nanobiotechnology  and Nanobiosystems Controlled morphology of novel 2d and 3d mercury(ii) metal-organic frameworks from micro-belt to nano-cubic hg-mofs and in vitro antibacterial evaluation
572 Amir Mohammad Yousefi Cancer Nanotechnology Zno/cnt@fe3o4 induces ros-mediated apoptosis in chronic myeloid leukemia cells: an emerging prospective for nanoparticles in leukemia treatment
591 Madineh Mazarei Cancer Nanotechnology The use of chitosan-targeted nanocelnium particles to improve temozolomide delivery to c6 cell line
613 Zahra Alyani Nezhad Cancer Nanotechnology Investigation of dose enhancement effect of a novel bismuth oxide nanosheet on external radiotherapy using genipine gel dosimeter
629 Seyede Atefe Hosseini Cancer Nanotechnology Synthesis and characterisation of arsenic trioxide nanoparticles and their in vitro cytotoxicity studies on 4t1 breast cancer cells
679 Seyedeh Sara Esnaashari Cancer Nanotechnology Combination treatment of breast cancer cells based on polymeric nanoparticles and doxorubicin
685 Pooria Mohammadi Arvejeh Cancer Nanotechnology Combination therapy using chitosan hydrogel slow-release drug delivery system containing mesoporous silica nanoparticles loaded with everolimus and 5-fluorouracil
69 Azar Yousefi Nanobiosensors Glassy carbon electrode modified by polyindole nanocomposite coating for detection of lead ions
66 Maryam Behravan Nanobiosensors Electrochemical sensor for determination of doxorubicin based on graphene/au nanocomposite
63 Maryam Nozari Nanobiosensors Sensitive electrochemical sensor using hybrid nanofiber modified glassy carbon electrode for determination of cholesterol
269 Vahid Ghafouri Nanobiosensors Choline oxidase biosensing properties by zno nanowires modified electrode
206 Khadijeh Eskandari Nanobiosensors E coli bacteria detection by bacteriophage in physical free label method
223 Manizheh Ramezani Nanobiosensors Gold nanoparticle conjugated -antibody to detect e coli bacteria
226 Rezvaneh Ebrahimi Nanobiosensors Electrochemical biosensor for the detection of acetaminophen
250 Zoha Babaei Afrapoli Nanobiosensors Development of competitive immunochromatographic assay by various size of gold nanoparticles for detection of morphine
455 Azam Ahangari Nanobiosensors Application of nanobiosensors for rapid detection of salmonella spp.
355 Fatemeh Khosravi Nanobiosensors Comparing different types of graphene nanosheets in combination with gold nanourchins in a developed electrochemical nanobiosensor of mir-155
338 Somaye Deris Nanobiosensors Gold nanoparticle-based probe for the colorimetric detection of leishmania major
558 Masoume Rostami Nanobiosensors Fabrication of electrochemical sensor based on cuo/mwcnt/rgo nanocomposite for determination of metformin
729 Fatemeh Aliabadi Nanobiosensors Growth hormone detection via reflectometric interference fourier transform spectroscopy
746 Fatemeh Mahmoudian Nanobiosensors A colorimetric assay system for kras gene mutation detection by gold nanoparticles
294 Morvarid Ebrahimi Nanotechnology In Biomedical Devices Investigating the use of curcumin-loaded electrospun scaffolds for wound dressing application
132 Behzad Pourabbas Nanotechnology In Biomedical Device Graphene and graphene oxide application in medical devices and medicine
261 Houra Nekounam Nanotechnology In Biomedical Device Fabrication and characterization of  hybrid metal salt / carbon nanofibers with improved flexibility for biomedical applications
297 Vahid Ghafouri Nanotechnology In Biomedical Device Fabrication a microfluidics device to trapping ctcs by magnetophoresis force authors
276 Sare Azadi Nanotechnology In Biomedical Device The nanoemulsion-based gel of tarragon (artemisia dracunculus) essentialoil with proper activity against leishmania tropica and leishmania major
282 Saha Satvati Nanotechnology In Biomedical Device The antibacterial activity of a mat of polyvinyl alcohol nanofibers containing nanogel of clove essential oil (syzygium aromaticum)
371 Habibeh Zare Nanotechnology In Biomedical Device Biosynthesis of magnetic nanoparticles using common sage extract and evaluation of anticancer activity
374 Sara Takallu Nanotechnology In Biomedical Device Fabrication of hydroxyapatite/collagen nanocomposite hydrogel via a biomimetic method: in situ mineralization of hydroxyapatite in collagen hydrogel at ph = 7.4 and 37°c
605 Esmaeil Darabpour Nanotechnology In Biomedical Device In vitro photodynamic eradication of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus biofilm using ag/sio2 co-doped fullerene
622 Esmaeil Darabpour Nanotechnology In Biomedical Device Zn-mof decorated with ag nanoparticle as an efficient antibacterial agent
216 Hossein Khosravi Nanotechnology In Diagnosis  and Imaging Evaluation of dose point kernel around gold nanoparticles using monte carlo simulations
234 Saleh Salehi Zahabi Nanotechnology In Diagnosis  and Imaging A Potential Of 99mtc- Chitosan Nanoparticle As New Radiopharmaceutical In Nuclear Medicine
256 Seyed Vahid Shetab Boushehri Nanotechnology In Diagnosis  and Imaging Barium- and bismuth-loaded clinoptilolite micro- and nano-particles as proposed new efficient contrast agents
341 Samad Hasani Nanotechnology In Diagnosis  and Imaging Graphene based nanotheranostics for mri/optical imaging and cancer therapy
363 Zepiur Tahmasian Nanotechnology In Diagnosis  and Imaging Study the influences of magnetic oxide nanoparticle on humanized lipase
409 Fatemeh Mohammadi Nanotechnology In Diagnosis  and Imaging Synthesis of dna-au nanoparticles as a diagnostic probe and evaluation of its mrna detection in cancerous cells
484 Zahra Rasoli Nanotechnology In Diagnosis  and Imaging Investigation of bio safety nano glicosilated compound of of gadolinium nanoparticles for the study of breast lymphoid cells in molecular mri
492 Negar Abdi Diagnosis  and Imaging In vivo study of anti-epidermal growth factor receptor antibody-based iron oxide nanoparticles (anti-egfr-spions) as a novel mr imaging contrast agent for lung cancer (lcc1) cells detection
566 Zahra Rasoli Nanotechnology  in Diagnosis  and Imaging Investigation of biosafety nano glicosilated compound of gadolinium nanoparticles for the study of breast lymphoid cells in molecular magnetic resonance imaging
742 Amirhossein Sarmadi Nanotechnology  in Diagnosis  and Imaging Design and synthesis of gold coated gadolinium oxide (gd2o3@au) nanoparticles as an theragnostic agent
576 Zeinab Derakhshan Nanotechnology  in Diagnosis  and Imaging Biosafety analyses of gd, fe and bi based nanocomposite compounds as dual contrast agents in molecular mri and ct
737 Maryam Niakan Nanotechnology in Diagnosis  and Imaging Possibility use of hyaluronic decorated magnetic nanoparticle for tracking atherosclerosis plaque by mri technique
87 Nazanin Amiryaghoubi Regenerative Nanomedicine Poly(caprolactone) based nanofibers for bone tissue engineering
104 Nazanin Amiryaghoubi Regenerative Nanomedicine Poly (propylene fumarate) based scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering
68 Rahmani Ali Regenerative Nanomedicine Engineered natural and synthetic nano-scaffold as supportive substrates for differentiation of conjunctiva mesenchymal stem cells into insulin producing cells
195 Zahra Panjali Occupational Health Toxicity reduction of silver antibacterial activity by a nano metal organic framework
60 Yousef Mohammadian Occupational Health Comparing cytotoxicity of graphite, short multi-walled carbon nanotubes, and long multi-walled carbon nanotubes
486 Vahid Jalili Occupational Health A novel applied nanoadsorbent in needle trap device for air quality assessment
157 Javad Ghafari Occupational Health Comparison of normal hexane evaluation in air samples between carbon nano aerogel based inside-tube spme and niosh 1500
364 Shadi Zerehpoosh Environmental Interactions Synthesis of mesoporous silica nanoparticles and investigation of its efficiency for diclofenac adsorption from aqueous solutions
404 Mahdi Alizadeh Environmental Interactions Sunn pest laying eggs number under the influence of nanopesticide
610 Farshid Jaberi Ansari Environmental Interactions Carbon nanotube coated on a graphite felt causing more attachment of microorganism and produce more electricity
166 Mehran Arabi Toxicology Biochemical alterations in gammarus pseudosyricus (crustacea: amphipoda) following exposure to nano-cuo
182 Mehran Arabi Toxicology Nano-cuo particles induce physiological and behavioural disorders in red earthworm lumbricus rubellus
258 Shaghayegh Sharifi Toxicology Synthesis and evaluation of cytotoxicity of spherical and cubic structures of cufe2o4 nanoparticles in human liver cancer cell line
324 Fatemeh Amoozegar Toxicology The leishmanicidal effect of polycaprolactone-chitosan nanofibers mat containing nanogel of citrus sinensis essential oil
344 Reza Fahimi Toxicology Study of the effects of gold nanoparticles in pregnancy on anxiety and depression behaviors in adult balb / c mice
466 Mohammad Yahya Hanafi Bojd Toxicology Green-synthesized silica nanoparticles for effective iron adsorption in acute poisoning in rat model
749 Azadeh Ashtarianzad Toxicology Assessing the risk of main activities of nanotechnology companies by nanotool method
91 Shakila Veisi Ecotoxicology  and Life Cycle Analysis Nanofood Safety Acute toxicity of nanoscale zeolitic imidazolate framework 8 (zif-8) in adult zebrafish (danio rerio)


Second Day, Poster Program
Abstract ID Presenter Topic Title
267 Houra Nekounam Regenerative Nanomedicine Simple and Reproducible Fabrication and Characterization of Conductive Carbonized Nanofibers loaded with Sio2 Nanoparticles for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
280 Houra Nekounam Regenerative Nanomedicine Functionalization of carbon nanofibers with different groups and their effect on cells
387 Ahmadreza Farmani Regenerative Nanomedicine Synthesis of 45S5 Li doped bioactive glass by sol-gel method and evaluation of its morphology and antibacterial activity
379 Samad Nadri Regenerative Nanomedicine Microfluidic and Scaffold Systems for Tissue Regeneration
418 Ghazaleh Chiari Fard Regenerative Nanomedicine Antibactrial Bio-Nanofibers with Scaffold Potential: Preparation and Characterization
393 Farid Torabizadeh Regenerative Nanomedicine Chitosan nanofibrous scaffold with improved pore size using sacrificial Polyvinyl alcohol nanofibers
389 Milad Fadaie Regenerative Nanomedicine A bilayer electrospun wound dressing comprised of PCL/CS-HA nanofibers with enhanced antibacterial and cellular performance
384 Esmat Azizipour Regenerative Nanomedicine Design and characterization of glutaraldehyde-crosslinked gelatincollagen nanocomposite scaffold containing bioactive glass nanowhiskers (bgnw) for bone tissue engineering
444 Esmat Azizipour Regenerative Nanomedicine Osteogenic differentiation of hmscs on nanocomposite hydrogel scaffolds containing bioactive glass nanoparticls
312 Marzieh Keykhaei Regenerative Nanomedicine Green synthesis of zno nanoneedles using Aloe vera extract and their antibacterial activity
369 Mahdieh Dehghan Regenerative Nanomedicine Reconstruction of Engineered Uterine Tissues Using Nanofibers Scaffolds
381 Faezeh Norouz Regenerative Nanomedicine Design of biodegradable polyurethane nanocomposite scaffolds containing cobalt oxide nanoparticles for bone repair
414 Maria Zahiri Regenerative Nanomedicine Prepare innate, natural condition to enhance proliferation of Mesenchymal stem cells
476 Parisa Javadi Regenerative Nanomedicine Preparation and characterization of electrospun nanofibers containing gold nanoparticles synthesized by saffron extract with the aim of wound dressing
544 Khatereh Asadi Regenerative Nanomedicine Polyethylene Oxide (PEO)/ Caprolactone (PCL) core- shell nanofibrous scaffold for neural differentiation of stem cells
546 Parisa Ghandforoushan Regenerative Nanomedicine Preparation of Thermosensitive Hydrogel-based for Regenerative Medicine Purposes
581 Mahin Adeli Regenerative Nanomedicine Development of a Conductive Nanofibrous Cardiac Patch for Cardiac Regeneration
588 Jaleh Varshosaz Regenerative Nanomedicine Gellan gum based hydrogels for drug delivery in cartilage tissue regeneration
590 Fatemeh Abedi Regenerative Nanomedicine Preparation of magnetic nanocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration
606 Farshid Jaberi Ansari Regenerative Nanomedicine Comparative study of different exosome isolation methods on the amount of isolated exosomes
616 Fatemeh Hataminia Regenerative Nanomedicine Preparation and Evaluation of Carbohydrate Based Nanocomposites for Application in Bioabsorbable Coronary Stents
348 Fateme Madani Nanocarriers for Targeted Drug Delivery System Preparation of MTX loaded in PLGA nanoparticles and investigation of their cytotoxicity
149 Touba Nadri Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Effect supplementation of lecithin nanoparticles-based extender with reduced glutathione on freezability of bull sperm
150 Touba Nadri Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Effect of different levels of encapsulated glutathione on cryopreservation of bull sperm
106 Hamieh Goshtasbi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Alginate-chitosan microbeads as a promising drug delivery system of astaxanthin for rectal cancer treatment
236 Laleh Heshmati Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Design and characterization of Nano liposomal carrier containing immune-dominant peptides and inactivated FMD virus
177 Negin Seifi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System The evaluation of the effects of oral formulation of silymarin nanomicelles in the experimental model of stroke in rats
217 Mohammad Reza Malekpour Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Preparation of curcumine loaded mpeg-PLGA nanoparticles
745 Delaram Aliakbari Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System The importance of surface modification of carbon nanohorns as a new nano-platform for targeted drug delivery
254 Shokoofeh Maghari Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Multifunctionalized Curcumin Conjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles; Application in enhancing cancer drug targeting
352 Seyed Ali Nazeri Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Advanced active nanoliposomal loading of Cyclosporine A
425 Neda Mohammadi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Niosomes of Fluconazole: The effect of HLB value, cholesterol and drug contents on the characteristics of the niosomes
284 Elham Zarenezhad Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Anti-bacterial Evaluation of Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Plant Ethanolic Extract of Althaea officinalis
301 Ali Ranjbar Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System The effect of nano-formulating of lemon (Citrus limon) essential oil on leishmanicidal effect
428 Azin Khanali Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Hyaluronic acid decorated metformin encapsulated polymeric nanoparticles: preparation, optimization, and ex-vivo skin penetration
407 Zohreh Mirveis Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System A new method to increase the drug loading efficiency of Arsenic trioxide into liposomes
427 Hanieh Abbasi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Optimization of conditions for preparation of liposomes containing 5-fluorouracil to increase drug loading
330 Ghazal Ghaznavi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Antibacterial Properties of Nanogel of Citrus sinensis Essential Oil
353 Maral Jafarie Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Synthesis and characterization of paromomycin loaded cofe2o4 @PLGA-PEG nanosphere for treatment of Cutaneous leishmaniasis
401 Hediyeh  Iranfar Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Probing the interaction of human serum albumin with ciprofloxacin at the presence of three different size of nanosilver particles: Multi-spectroscopic and zeta potential investigation
677 Farzaneh Saliminia Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Bioavailability of gold nanoparticle coated with chitosan
382 Maedeh Mohammad Salehi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Synthesis of a porous metal-organic framework Fe3O4@MIL-100 coated with chitosan as a potential drug delivery system and evaluation of its drug loading capacity on it
420 Farnoush Asghari Paskiabi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Antifungal nanofibres for management of dermatophytosis
430 Niloofar Foroughi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Preparation and evaluation of Niosomal system for Itraconazle delivery
441 Mahnaz Amiri Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System The magnetic inorganic-organic nanocomposite based on znfe2o4-Imatinib-liposome as an effective anti-cancer drug carrier
516 Yaser Yousefpoor Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Preparation of nanoemulsion containing bee venom and evaluating its anti-rheumatoid arthritis effects topically and subcutaneously injection in rat
521 Feloria Adeli Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery System Synthesis and characterization of polycaprolactone derivatives as novel nanostructures for “TE” and “DDS”
533 Sevil Vaghefi Moghaddam Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Lysin functionalized cellulosic nanosystem for dual-drug delivery in combination therapy
564 Fatemeh Abedi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Synthesis and characterization of smart nanogels in anti-cancer drug delivery systems
582 Hamieh Goshtasbi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Chitosan-g-poly(lactide) micellar nanoparticles as an efficient antioxidant delivery system
585 Ahmadreza Bakhshi Dezfouli Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Synthesis and Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of Chitosan-Encapsulated Enrofloxacin against Bacillus cereus
584 Dhiya Raheem Altememy Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Silk fibroin coating mesoporous silica nanoparticle loaded by tioguanine delivery for leukemia
586 Pegah Khosraviyan Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Folate targeted nano drug delivery system of rutin by mesoporous silica to combat breast cancer
603 Mohammadreza Kheyrandish Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Effects anti-tumor Hyaluronic acid modified Paclitaxel and Folic acid Micelles Nanoparticles in Breast Cancer Cell Lines
604 Mehdi Sheikh Arabi Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Hyaluronic Acid modified PLGA Nanoparticles for ph-Sensitive Release of Paclitaxel: Synthesis and In Vitro Characterization
608 Mehri Mirhoseini1 Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems The effect of melatonin and melatonin solid lipid nanoparticles on testis injury induced by torsion and detorsion in rats
621 Fahime Bafande Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Endosomal ph-Sensitive Functional Hyaluronic Acid- Doxorubicin Micelles for The Treatment of Breast Cancer Cell line
559 Partow Mirzaee Saffari Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems A new Nanoliposomal Arthrocen (NANOCEN) against pain stimuli and inflammation in animal model.
689 Shahrzad Soltani Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Ultrastructural changes on fertile and infertile hydatid cysts induced by conventional and solid lipid nanoparticles of albendazole and albendazole sulfoxide
695 Mehdi Sagha Kahvaz Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Antileishmanial activity of conventional and solid lipid nanoparticles of Amphotericin B on leishmania major, in vitro and in vivo
704 Massoud Behnia Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Assessment of Antiacanthamoeba Effects of PHMB-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles
712 Solmaz Mahami Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems In vitro study of chitosan nanoparticles containing Vipera albicornuta venom as a antigen delivery system
741 Fatemeh Nikmehr Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Study of the gelma hydrogel behavior for sustain release of naltrexone
744 Aziz Eftekhari Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Nano-antioxidants: promising tools in contracting pesticide toxicity
745 Delaram Aliakbari Nanocarriers  for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems The importance of surface modification of carbon nanohorns as a new nano-platform for targeted drug delivery
89 Seyed Ali Johari Ecotoxicology And Life Cycle Analysis Nanofood Safety Escape strategy from polluted water reduce acute toxicity of silver nanoparticle in the freshwater snail, Lymnaea sp.
34 Seyed Ali Johari Ecotoxicology And Life Cycle Analysis Nanofood Safety Toxicity comparison of nanoparticulate and ionic silver to the saltwater microcrustacean, Artemia salina: Effect of naupliar life stage
395 Mahdi Alizadeh Ecotoxicology And Life Cycle Analysis Nanofood Safety Phenological Phytotoxicity in Triple Interaction of Sunn Pest, Wheat, and Deltamethrin Nanoformulation
537 Elaheh Askari Ecotoxicology And Life Cycle Analysis Nanofood Safety Comparative study of the effects of Selenium Nanoparticles and Sodium selenite on the serum and hepatic lipid profile of Japanese quail following experimentally Cadmium poisoning
577 Arezoo Fatahian Ecotoxicology And Life Cycle Analysis Nanofood Safety The effects of edible chitosan coating containing nano-capsulated Cuminum cyminum essential oil on the shelf-life of veal in Modified atmosphere packaging
694 Zohreh Mashak Ecotoxicology And Life Cycle Analysis Nanofood Safety The effect of nano fiberchitosan and gelatin based films on shelf life of chicken meat at refrigerated conditions
709 Rouhollah Khani Ecotoxicology And Life Cycle Analysis Nanofood Safety Iron containing Keplerate nanocapsules-based adsorbent for determination of trace phenanthrene in various real samples
713 Rouhollah Khani Ecotoxicology And Life Cycle Analysis Nanofood Safety A sensitive and fast detection of Ascorbic Acid based on nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots as fluorescent probe
485 Seyed Mohammad Amini Biocompatibility Assessment Synthesis of stable and biocompatible metal nanoparticles through natural phenolic compounds
315 Nafise Nasirzade Regulation And Standardization The effect of flow rate on producing PCL Nanoparticles by microfluidic system
475 Parisa Javadi Biocompatibility Assessment Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles using saffron extract and its optimization, characterization, cytotoxicity and antioxidant activity